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Exclusive round table & dinner

In AI we trust...or not?
Playtime in AI Land is over.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

6:00 - 10:00 PM

Networking event for CIO's, CISO's and
other digital leaders in Belgium
(Presentation in English)


Restaurant L'Opéra, Waterloo


Lopera Waterloo

In AI we trust...or not?
Playtime in AI Land is over.

Trustworthy AI has to start with good engineering and business practices, mandated by laws and industry standards, both were largely absent until recently. Too much of AI thus far had consisted of short-term solutions, code that gets a system to work immediately, without a critical layer of engineering guarantees that are often taken for granted in other fields.

The assumption in AI has generally been that if it works accurate enough to be useful, then that’s good enough, but that casual attitude is not appropriate when the stakes are high. But this time of over now. The European Commission agreed on the first European AI Act which will be activated in 2024. For the first time, companies using AI solutions will be liable when wrong decisions are made by AI. We expect to see a shift in the different roles companies can take, as specified in the act: from developer to reseller to user. As the potential financial implications might be high if your current and future systems are not well documented or transparent enough, it is time to understand how to prepare yourself for potential financial risks. Playtime in AI Land is over.

Do you have the right design procedures and the right governance structure for making sure that your AI system will work within a certain predefined tolerance ? Do you have everything in place to challenge your AI providers with the right questions, so you limit your own potential risk?

We invite you to a physical round table and dinner in restaurant L'Opéra in Waterloo on Thursday, September 21, 2023.  At the start of this dinner, Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere, Adjunct Professor at Vlerick Business School, will explain us why we can trust artificial intelligence...or not. She will take us through the European AI Act with an IT angle and deliver insights on actions to take now in order to make sure that we are fully prepared for what is upcoming in 2024.

This round table is also an excellent opportunity to network with peers. 
The presentation will be in English


  • 18:00 Welcome and introductions.
  • 18:45 Presentation by Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere and dinner
  • 22:00 End
Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere, Vlerick

Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere
Adjunct Professor at Vlerick Business School

Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere is a Belgian civil engineer and promoter of ethical, reliable, and sustainable artificial intelligence (AI). In her public presentations and books, she focuses on a simple explanation of the concept of AI and indicates which steps are required for a correct and ethical way of adopting this technology. She is an adjunct professor at Vlerick Business School and was AI Director at IMEC. She was appointed a Digital Mind by the Belgian federal government. In 2022, she was Runner-up IT Person of the Year 2022. 


Restaurant L'Opéra, Waterloo

L'Opéra offers an authentic and gourmet Italian cuisine juggling with homemade pasta, lobster, risotto and truffles. Forget the pizzerias or other Italian eateries limited to industrial pasta or cutlets of all kinds! Italian cuisine can offer you many other things. It also has its gastronomy. In Restaurant L'Opéra, the cook juggles with the most delicate products. And when he puts his "paw" in the pasta, you really find the best dishes that Italy can offer you!


Restaurant L'Opéra, Chaussée de Tervuren 178, B-1410 Waterloo

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