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Round Table, In AI We Trust, by Pointury

In AI we trust...or not?

Sept 21, 2023 : Exclusive Dinner

The assumption in AI has generally been that if it works accurate enough to be useful, then that’s good enough, but that casual attitude is not appropriate when the stakes are high., in particular for cybersecurity. As a bonus: Everything you need to know as CIO or as CISO about the European AI act.

BE20231109  CIAM

Powering Customer Journeys with CIAM

Nov. 9, 2023 : Exclusive Lunch

Ensuring secure yet seamless interactions between customers and online platforms has become paramount. This is where Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) steps in as a crucial solution. We will discuss how CIAM profoundly impacts your customer journey – for the better, if you do it right. 






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