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This article is based on round table " The shortest disruption"
organised by Pointury on July 5, 2023. 

Network defenders often look at ‘dwell time’ – the time between an adversary gaining access and achieving their objectives – as a key metric in understanding threat and risk. Based on Secureworks’ direct observations through incident response engagements, the average dwell time for post-intrusion ransomware attacks has remained fairly constant at four and a half days in 2022 compared to five in 2021. This means that on average an organization has almost a whole working week to detect and contain an intrusion before the lights go out. Understanding how ransomware operators act once inside a network is the key to exploiting this ‘detection window’. 

Coen Bakkers, Leading Incident Response Expert at Secureworks will explain us how ransomware operators work and how to reduce the time between detecting a security breach and fixing the issue.

Prodata Systems is a Belgian IT integrator that has been managing for many years business critical networks and cybersecurity environments in the public and private sector. By partnering with state-of the-art-vendors we ensure the continuity of your organisation. Additionally we are a healthcare-innovator in digital operating rooms for hospitals. Brussels Airport, NMBS, Defense, Infrabel and P&V are some of the organizations that rely on us to define futureproof solutions for their needs. 

Secureworks offers managed threat prevention, detection, and response with the best overall value. Together, we’ll stop cyberattacks faster and more efficiently with Extended Detection and Response.

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