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BE20240507  AE  Leverage IT ArchitectureBanner-2On Tuesday May 7, 2024 we had another great Pointury event about IT architecture with Barry O'Reilly as keynote speaker.

AE Event 1

Leverage IT architecture to drive business results

In this networking event we discussed how modern IT architecture can bridge the gap between board-level vision and ground-level IT operations.  In order to fulfil its role as enabler for tangible business growth, IT architecture must leave its reputation of "Ivory Tower" activity behind and embrace the fast-paced change of the digital world.

Despite facing challenges such as budget and time overruns, or even outright failures, along with navigating the complexities of 'legacy' architecture and 'technical debt' that can hinder business objectives and adaptability to rapid change, we view these issues as avenues for improvement.

We are proud to host master architect and Techorama keynote speaker Barry O'Reilly for this event. Barry has held positions as Chief Architect and Architecture Practice Lead at Microsoft. In his current position, he's researching this exact topic, distilling what makes successful architectures and what doesn't.

Our partner for this event was

AE - Adapt and Enable  is a "one stop" consultancy company specialising in digital transformation. We build seamless ICT solutions that allow your organisation to realise its business objectives in an increasingly complex world. We realise that a strong focus on customers, people, processes and technologies calls for new analysis, design and implementation methods. We build on what exists today with an eye to future opportunities and provide both practical advice and pragmatic solutions that guarantee successful change. Proud partner of 100’s companies delivering 1000’s of projects and transformations the last 20 years! This with a team of nearly 400 experts.

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